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TXNAGE 0.5.2

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Released: Oct 5, 2009
Updated: Oct 7, 2009 by Kevinul
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Application TXNAGE 0.5.2 Complete
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Release Notes

Titanium XNA Game Engine is back, and released with this version with a wide range of improvements and fixes.

This release comes with the following.
  • A Read Me Document
  • Seven (7) Tutorials
  • Media Folder
  • References Folder
  • Full TXNAGE Source
  • TXNAGE Content Pipeline Folder

Unfortunately the Scene Editor couldn't be released yet.
We planned to release the 0.5.2 together with the editor but some parts of it are still missing while the 0.5.2 source was basically finished since start of October.
During the weekend we decided there is no point in holding the release for another week or two so we released TXna without the editor.

Don't worry regarding the editor for it already has far more features than we dared to hope it will have.
Here is an image of the current editor in action:

Our main problem is that the serializing/deserializing features are just not finished yet and without all the parts the editor wouldn't be usable.
In our defense I can say that there where huge problems we encountered on every step that where not accounted for during the planing phase.

We had to:
  • solve dynamically compiling assets on the fly (or else a Xna Game wouldn't be able to load them during runtime),
  • account for serialization/deserialization of external types unknown at design time
  • implement a mouse picking system with at least triangle resolution (therefore the TXna framework got the CollisionManager)
  • implement custom UITypeEditor's to make the PropertyGrid usable

The list goes on and on but those are just issues we never planned to work on...

Still I believe that the Editor will be released during the next two weeks.
What it definitively will not contain in the first release is:
  • Terrain editor, you will be able to place a HM based terrain and change its properties in the editor but not to deform it. We do plan this feature in one of the next releases!
  • Actually any kind of geometry editor will not be included (we are not working on a 3DS Max replacement but who knows what the future might bring)
  • Texture splatting or any other authoring except placing already finished models inside the editor
  • Bone animation editor (currently we are not planning this feature at all)
  • Particle system editor (will be included in future releases)
  • Placing markers, triggers, defining zones and similar non renderable features to be used for game logic and AI (will be included in future releases)
  • Importing audio/video resources (will be included in future releases)
-gambitricky, a developer

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